The office as we know it is dead but not gone for ever

McKinsey research shows that 80% of people said they enjoyed working from home with 41% percent say they were more productive and a further 28% said that they were as productive.

Solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Slack and Zoom have been widely adopted by businesses after being forced into making workplace change in recent months. While technology has been instrumental in keeping businesses operational, it can only go so far. Key limitations include the loss of that chance conversation/overhearing of a call/discussion or that ‘I didn’t know we did that’ moment.

Businesses must use this moment to break from the inertia of te past by dispensing with suboptimal old habits and systems. A well-planned return to offices can use this moment to reinvent their role and create a better experience for talent, improve collaboration and productivity, and reduce costs.

The need of office space is not a thing of the past but it does need to be different. Workspaces need to provide an agile/change ready environment to be relevant to the changing needs of the new way of work

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