In a world where business owners and leaders are having to deal with more unknowns than knowns, Business Vision Consulting empowers leaders to open the minds of those around them in achieving relevance, success & exceeding expectations on #yourjourneyahead

It is not about pigeonholing your needs or selling you a particular business model, process or solution. It’s all about your story, your journey ahead and how Business Vision Consulting can support your specific needs and exceed your aspired growth and success goals.

Business Vision Consulting wants to help you to break down the barriers of ‘we’ve always done it this way’, ‘back to norm’ or ‘new norm’ mindsets by building firmwide engagement to your story.

We want to be your confidant and success partner on #yourjourneyahead

The What

Business Vision Consulting supports professional service firms, membership organisations (e.g. networks, alliances and/or trade groups) and privately owned businesses to achieve relevance, success and exceed expectations on #yourjourneyahead


‘Empowering personal and business relevance in an everchanging world’

The Story – Vision & Strategy statement:

‘To positively listen to and learn from each individual story that is shared and to then partner in building ideas and solutions that embrace, empower and elevate people on their personal and business journey ahead in delivering a sustainable and relevant tomorrow’.


Honesty – to always listen but also to share what needs to be said in a timely and appropriate manner

‘Honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into a failure’.

James Altucher

Creativity – to challenge the way we live, lead, work and to banish the ‘I’ve/we’ve always done it this way’ mindset

‘If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.’

Albert Einstein

Constant Improvement – to never stop looking to learn and find alternative ways

‘Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection’

Mark Twain

Resilience – to take ownership of #yourjourneyahead while those around might look to find excuses not to

‘As much as talent counts, effort counts twice’.

Angela Duckworth

Humility – to always be first to share capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses and say when others might be more appropriate in delivering what is required

‘Life is a long lesson in humility’.

Sir James Matthew Barrie

The Work

So how can Business Vision Consulting help you?

All too often, leaders find themselves being spoken at and sold to rather than being given the time to share their story.

At Business Vision Consulting we don’t look to pigeonhole every potential issue to a set shopping list of offerings and solutions. The starting point is always to listen to and learn from your specific story, so that we can work together in identifying what might be blocking #yourjourneyahead

We recognise that no two journeys are the same whether you’re looking to:

  • validate where you find yourself today
  • capitalise on your existing success
  • exceed your growth aspirations
  • change direction, including entering new markets or developing new products/services
  • establish new working practices or structures to remain relevant
  • (or) simply navigate the noise and needs of the world around you

The key deliverable that Business Vision Consulting comes to you with, is the desire to hear your specific story, and to be given the opportunity to be your independent success partner in supporting you today and tomorrow on #yourjourneyahead

All sounds a little simple? As leaders, the reality is that we can all too often overcomplicate things as we look to navigate what can be a lonely journey when it comes to building ideas, forming strategy and delivering long term sustainable relevance to our business or firm.

Business Vision Consulting is not here to suggest or action seismic change or promise unrealistic and/or unachievable returns.  We are here to support you in achieving your specific goals one step at a time.

Please do get in touch with [email protected] to start sharing your story and for us to explore how we might partner with one another on #yourjourneyahead

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The Who – James Hickey

Life and business are a journey with many unknowns.

During my professional journey, which in the last 10 years has been as the CEO of two multinational oganisations, I have had the opportunity to have worked for market leading organisations within their respective industry sectors.  During this time I have met/visited thousands of business leaders within both the professional services sector (from local independent market leading firms to the Big 4 and magic circle law firms) and then businesses from SMEs to Fortune 100 companies.  This journey has taken me to 80+ countries.

I pride myself on my ability to connect, influence and motivate colleagues and clients at all levels from many different cultures. 

The highlight of my professional journey has been the time that leaders from a cross section of business and markets around the world have given to tell me their stories. These stories have provided real insight of many varied journeys, both successful and not, that combine to provide a broad oversight of the world around us.

Away from the day job my time is filled with sharing my journey with my wife, three children, three Labradors and a growing number of livestock in the beautiful Pewsey Vale in Wiltshire.

More information can be found at http://www.linkedin.com/in/jameswbhickey