Business Vision Consulting launches Your Fractional Partner offering

Being a leader can be one of the most lonely roles there is. Identifying and maintaining firm wide relevance in meeting the needs of both clients and the talent within your firm is a far from easy juggling act to achieve – made harder if you’re also having to maintain your own book of client business.

Your Fractional Partner will be your ‘off the radar’ independent confidant and success partner to share your journey ahead with and support you by:

  • being a fresh and agnostic sounding board
  • sharing thought leadership & best practices from around the world
  • identifying new opportunities
  • designing and implementing specific actions that drive success
  • opening the minds of those around you to alternative ways of work
  • connecting you with the best/most aligned people & resources in the market

Your Fractional Partner is not about pigeonholing your needs or selling you a particular business model, process or solution. It’s all about your story, your journey ahead and how Your Fractional Partner can support your specific needs and exceed your aspired growth and success goals.

Please contact [email protected] to find out more and to start sharing you story

Does your business stand out from the crowd by having a clear purpose?

McKinsey & Company found that purpose can be an important contributor to employee experience. They found that business with clear purpose had higher levels of employee engagement, stronger organisational commitment and increased feelings of well-being.

While business leaders prioritise the commercial value of purpose, employees see purpose as a way to bring meaning to their work and understand the contributions they are making to the company, as well as society.

PwC survey found that 79% of business leaders think that purpose is central to business success. Even with this level of importance only 34% of leaders make and align decisions to their organisation’s purpose. The survey found that Millennials are over 5 times (Non-millennials over 2 times) more likely to stay when they have a strong connection to their employer’s purpose. Again only a limited number of business leaders (only 27%) of help employees connect their own purpose to the work of the company.

All too often leadership do not place enough focus and importance on purpose. This is especially the case within the professional service sector. Never has there been a better time for business’s to have a a clearly defined purpose and truly live it.